20 minutes massage is £20

Group of 3 people is £15 each

*many call the SpaCapsule as hydrotherapy, hydro massage, aquamassage, or aquamed, but water is just one component; please read further to fully understand the amazing holistic benefits. Spa Capsule® was invented and perfected by Doctors and Physicians who are on-staff of Simulated Environment Concepts.

Massage is a powerful tool in maintaining a good quality of life. Therapeutic massage is especially effective in addressing painful and stiff joints, muscle tension and muscle pain, poor circulation, decrease in mobility and inability to exercise regularly. Everyone is seeking a consistent and reliable massage experience.


If you are true to your profession of healing, you must know the following:

SpaCapsule® is the only device on the market that addresses both, body and mind, musculoskeletal and stress related disorders
  • Around 1 in 6 individuals surveyed considers their work to be very or extremely stressful.
  • The average stress, depression or anxiety related case lasts just over 30 working days and is the single biggest factor contributing to work-related illness.
  • Stress is the second most commonly reported reason for work related illness, coming in behind musculoskeletal problems.

Pay attention to the last statistic – amazingly as it sounds, the stress is second after musculoskeletal problems.

Before I go on with a few more valuable statistics, allow me to do a little selling: SpaCapsule® is the only device on the market that addresses both, body and mind, musculoskeletal and stress related disorders. SpaCapsule® provides powerful massage as well as aromatherapy, audio-video stimulation with de-stressing programs. In-short, SpaCapsule® is Massage and De-Stressing Device that offers complete relaxation and rejuvenation; it inspires senses, relieves tension, anxiety, worry, and stress (destress); it offers peaceful oasis to escape and indulge. SpaCapsule® offers iPod connectivity and Oxygen Therapy as an additional rejuvenation technique.

Can you benefit by offering de-stressing programs and services in your practice? Unequivocally: YES. You will benefit your patients, their families as well as your practice.

  • Over 19 million Americans are currently sufferingfrom stress and anxiety related disorders.
  • Statistics Canada reported in 2006 that Canadians feel increasingly stressed by longer hours of work. Men and women alike reported feeling more stress than they had six years previous.
  • Up to 75% of people in employment are dissatisfied or
  • unhappy with their jobs.
  • Stress related accidents are increasing year on year.
  • Research shows that stress levels have increased substantially in children, teenagers and the elderly.
  • Stress is now considered to be a key factor in health
  • complaints.

Why don’t you experiment a little: search Google, Yahoo, MSN, or AOL for the word “massage”, note the number of hits; now do the search for the word “stress”. Did you notice that you got twice as many results? Stress, stress management, and de-stressing are becoming a major source of additional revenue. SpaCapsule® becomes your complete tool that offers de-stressing instantly.

Thank you,        Dr. Ella Frenkel      July 26, 2007


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