California Spray Tan Full Body: £15.00    

2 coats are £18

As California Tan sunless solution develops in the surface layers of the skin (the dead skin cells) it is important to exfoliate away the outermost layers of skin prior to self tan application for the longest-lasting tanned result. California Tan Sunless spraytan solutions are formulated to out-perform other solutions with an exclusive combination of advanced self-tanning technology and progressive skincare. Best for: All skin types

Preparation:Shaving and waxing needs to be done at least 24 hours before to allow pores to close.Exfoliate well with a grainy salt scrub or similar exfoliant before your spray tan session. This removes loose, dead, dry skin cells and will ensure an even application and extend your tanning results. Spend extra time paying particular attention to dry areas such as knees, elbows and feet.

Remove your makeup, deodorant, moisturisers etc prior to your tanning session. The skin has to be completely natural. These products can sometimes act as a barrier or react to the tan.  Ensure that you have a final rinse in clean running water to remove every trace just before your spray tan.

Remove all jewellery if possible.

Clients may choose to wear a bikini or bra/knickers for full  body tans. Disposable knickers are available for those who require them - or of course you can be spray tanned naked.

Aftercare  Wear loose fitting dark clothes following your tanning session.  The solution washes out of most clothing, but can discolour satin and silk and nylon clothing.

Allow your tan to develop for between 8-12 hours. Do not shower or bathe during this time. Limit your physical activity for 5-6 hours. Perspiration may adversely affect the results of your tan. 

When you bathe/shower 6-8 hours later use your normal soap or shower gel. You will see some discolouration in the water. This

PRODUCT FEATURES:DHA BRONZEXTEND® Complex : California Tan Sunless exclusive self-tanning complex combines a proprietary ratio of DHA with  Erythrulose for advanced sunless tanning performance. Compared to standard DHA, Bronzextend develops a more natural-looking,  golden colour on the skin and develops sunless results over an extended period of time for longer-lasting colour. is normal and just the tanning agent being washed away. You will then be left with your beautiful sunless tan. Keep your skin moisturised. Use a tan extender daily as this will pro-long your tan.

Lutein : An ingredient derived from the super-food spinach, lutein provides skin with anti-aging benefits.

Vitamin E : A powerful antioxidant that helps neutralize free radicals to prevent and diminish fine lines and wrinkles while it softens and moisturises the skin.

Aloe Vera: Delivers soothing and moisturizing effects to the skin.

SD Alcohol-Free: An exclusive formula that won’t dry or irritate skin.

InstaBronze Color System: California Tan Sunless Tinted Solutions with  Cosmetic Bronzers contain naturally derived cosmetic colorants to deliver an immediate, natural-looking sunkissed glow to the skin while the reaction of DHA Bronzextend develops a long-lasting sunless tan in 8-12 hours.

TESTIMONIAL "I have tried the California Tan Solution and love it!! I sprayed myself before we went on holiday to Spain, and it lasted really well for at least 5 days (and that's with swimming everyday) so I was most impressed as some of the other solutions I have used don't  tend to last as long.." Alexia, The Treatment Room, Blackburn

Press: Look who's wearing a California Tan Sunless tan! On and off the red carpet, celebrities everywhere are flaunting their new favorite accessory - a California Tan Sunless sunkissed glow. Stylish A-listers have discovered the route to looking fabulously tan all year long and turn to California Tan Sunless  as the premier way to get a flawless, sunless tan.

Celeribrity fans of California Tan Sunless includes: Britney Spears,Nicole Richie, Mandy Moore,Ashley Olsen,Kirsten Dunst, Pamela Anderson, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Simpson


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